The Auto-Beadmaster FM-4

The Auto-Beadmaster provides a fully automated fusion process and is ideal for production situations and busy laboratories.

Features of the Auto-Beadmaster include a four mouldible capacity with automatic loading and unloading and includes automatic capping, using patented Iodine caps to add iodine as a mould release agent. Other options available with the Auto-Beadmaster include an automatic annealing stage and a automatic atmosphere control and pre-heating.

The Auto-Beadmaster is compatible with any current robotics and plc controls currently used in your automated laboratory. The Auto-Beadmaster can be configured to unload and load on alternate sides or on the same side and can be configured for operation on either the right hand side or left hand side or any combination that is required to be incorporated your automated laboratory.

The Auto-Beadmaster loading and unloading options are available separately and factory retro-fitted to existing Beadmaster machines to enable bead production to increase as required.

Features of the Auto-Beadmaster include:

  • All electric - why electric?
  • No reheating time between samples
  • Cross flow blending during fusion
  • 4 mouldible capacity
  • Variable cooling rate and time
  • Controlled environment during fusion - options
  • Single service, plug and play machine - portable
  • Completely covered fusion process
  • Unique mould release options
  • Long, maintenance free periods - approx 14000 running hours
  • Fast initial rise time - 20mins to 1050°C from cold
  • Digital temperature control to within 1°C
  • Top temperature of 1200°C, with normal fusion at 1050°C
  • Runs from standard power - 240V or 110V option, single phase
  • 3000W power
  • Compatible with existing robotics and plc controls

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