Why Electric Heating?

In keeping with our drive for safety and our mission to have the simplest and easiest machines to install and run, we chose electric heating. Some of the advantages of electric heating are listed below.

  • Safety - no naked flames, explosive gases or gas leaks
  • Availability - runs off mains
  • Accuracy and reproducibility - digital control to within 1°C
  • Installation cost - no extra for pipes, gas or compressed air plumbing
  • Operation cost - no expensive gases consumed
  • Gradual heating - great for samples that become physically excited during heating such as those that foam or spit
  • Unaltered atmosphere during heating - no combustion reactions occurring around the sample
  • Simplicity - servicing, repair or troubleshooting can be carried out by non-specialised tradespeople
  • True interactive temperature control - the fusion takes place at the temperature you set.
  • Even, radiant heating - no thermal gradients - resulting in successful fusions at lower temperatures
  • No hot spots - protects your platinumware from aging and distortion