Iodine Injectors

Available as a mould release option on the Beadmaster fusion machine, the injectors generate iodine gas from solid iodine and deliver it to the fusion surface in an exact, programmable dose during heating and mixing.

Iodine Caps

Also available as a mould release option on the Beadmaster, the caps holds solid iodine in a metal sponge over the mouldible as it is being cooled. The residual heat of the fusion vaporises the iodine, which remains trapped in the vessel until the lid is removed. Any reactions with the components of the fusion are limited to the top surface of the bead, leaving the analytical face unaltered. Excellent for samples containing elements that overlap with iodine's spectra or react with iodine such as copper.

Automatic Load and Unload

The Beadmaster can now be upgraded with the addition of automatic loading and unloading options. Available indiviually or together, these options increase efficiency. Compatible with any robotics or PLC controls to intergrate into an automatic laboratory. For more details and a complete list of features please see the Beadmaster Auto page.

Automatic Atmosphere Control

The atmosphere control option for the Beadmaster and the Fusilux machines is ideal for samples that need to fuse in a controlled environment. This option can be used to create an inert atmosphere e.g. nitrogen or argon, or an oxygen rich atmosphere. The system is fully automatic, controlling the time and the rate of gas during fusion, providing a controlled environment for your fusions.

Annealing Stage

The optional annealing stage, available on the Beadmaster, can assist in fusing difficult samples. Annealing reduces the internal stresses in the bead as it cools.