The Parcher

Our newest machine, The Parcher, is an accurate hygroscopic moisture analyser. The Parcher was developed for the iron ore industry to accurately and easily determine the hygroscopic moisture of iron ore, but would be valuable in any industry that requires easy and accurate hygroscopic moisture determinations.

Hygroscopic moisture is the water taken up by a substance from the air. The moisture is adsorbed on the surface and within the porous structure of a sample, but is not chemically bound within the structure of a sample. This moisture is removed when the sample is heated at 140°C and the mass change is recorded.

The Parcher heats the samples in a dry nitrogen atmosphere to prevent any oxidation reactions or any variation in humidity that can affect the accuracy of the analysis. To prevent moisture re-adsorbing, the Parcher automatically hermetically seals the titanium sample cups in situ. The electric heating provides unparalleled control over the temperature, low running costs and exceptional safety.

Features of the Parcher include:

  • Electronically controlled auto-capping device
  • Two tower desiccators in series to ensure dry N2 flow
  • Controlled, even, conductive heating up to 140°C and within 0.1°C of the set point
  • Low static titanium sample cups for accurate weighing
  • 10 sample capacity
  • 600W power
  • Runs off standard 240V or 110V option, single phase power supply

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