The Fusilux series

The Fusilux series of fusion bead casting machines are manual pouring machines with two or four crucible/mould models. The release of the new, Fusilux Generation 2 machines has seen us improve the design of the original Fusilux without losing any of the features that make it an economical, flexible, easy to use and reliable fusion machine ideal for production environments and busy labs.

Features of the Fusilux include:

  • All electric- why electric?
  • Individual mould removal and cooling
  • 2 or 4 crucible / mould capacity
  • 16-32 samples per hour output (depending on sample type) for 4 crucible / mould capacity
  • Variable cooling rate and time
  • No reheating time between samples
  • Variable agitation during fusion
  • Controlled environment during fusion - options
  • Single service plug and play machines - portable
  • Unique edge lifters for safe and easy removal of moulds
  • Completely covered fusion process
  • Fast rise time - 20mins to 1050°C from cold
  • 3000W power
  • Maximum temperature of 1200°C, normal operating temp of 1050°C
  • Runs off standard 240V or 110V option, single phase power supply

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