The QP series

Based on the Fusilux fusion bead machine, the QP series are robust and versatile fusion machines designed to produce quality fusions for ICP and AAS analysis in a high through-put lab or production setting. With a maximum temperature of 1200°C, the QP series suitable for situation where both borate and sodium peroxide fusions are required.

Features of the QP series include:

  • All electric- why electric?
  • 2, 4, 6 or 12 crucible capacity
  • Cradles custom made to crucible size
  • No reheating time between samples
  • Variable agitation during fusion
  • Controlled environment during fusion - options
  • Single service plug and play machines - portable
  • Completely covered fusion process
  • Fast rise time - 20mins to 1050°C from cold
  • 3000W power
  • Maximum temperature of 1200°C, normal operating temp of 1050°C
  • Runs off standard 240V or 110V option, single phase power supply

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